All about quit smoking,stop smoking and best tips for quit smoking

By Debra Proctor

You want to quit smoking. You've checked out all the options and you really don't like any of them. Using patches and gum that contain nicotine when you are trying to break a nicotine addiction doesn't seem to make sense to you. You don't want side effects from nicotine-free aids and hypnosis and acupuncture are just too off center for you. So what do you do? You're and all-or-nothing kind of person so you want to quit smoking cold turkey. Is it possible? Is it very smart?

Research has found that 80-90% of people who quit cold turkey were successful. Here are step-by-step tips to help you.

Plan ahead

* Learn relaxation techniques
* Start exercising before you quit
* Think about the reasons you smoke and plan for strategies to cope when you have the urge
* Write out the reason you want to quit smoking - keep these handy and read them several times throughout

Tell family, friends, and co-workers

* It is important to have a support group to help you through the tough times
* It is also important to "warn" those who are around you so they will realize what is happening if you are especially irritable

Throw away all cigarettes, ashtrays, and lighters

* Do not just put these items up - throw them away!
* Don't forget to get these items out of your house, car, office, workshop, etc.

Pick an exact day you are going to stop

* Plan a lot of activity that day
* Take a few days off from work to eliminate stress
* Plan something fun that will keep your mind off smoking
* Change your routine - many people are triggered to smoke at certain times, places, and with certain people. If you smoke in the morning with a cup of coffee, have your coffee in a different room. Avoid the people that you usually smoke with or ask them not to smoke in front of you.
* Have items on hand to relieve your urge to put something in your mouth - gum, hard candy, carrot sticks, celery, toothpicks, straws
* Spend time in places where smoking isn't allowed

Eat regular meals - but don't substitute the smoking with eating excessively

Start a money jar - Having a jar to put the money in that you save by not smoking serves as reinforcement that you are doing a good thing by saving money.

Reward - At the end of the day, reward yourself in a way that does not involve food.

Record your success
- Mark your success on the calendar every day. This is great visual reinforcement to remind yourself how well you are doing.

You can see that it is possible to quit smoking cold turkey if you take the proper steps. While it may be a little more difficult than using aids, your chances of becoming and staying a non-smoker are much greater. By planning ahead and following these tips, it will help you ease into your new and healthier lifestyle.

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