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Besides the hundreds of non-health reasons to quit smoking, there are many health benefits to quitting smoking. If you're looking for some good health reasons to stop smoking now, these are just a few of the many health reasons to look for when you quit that will help you reverse the effects of smoking.

To start with - just 20 minutes after you quit smoking your tired lungs and airways will begin to heal. Circulation will improve immediately and your blood pressure and pulse will return to normal.

After eight hours the nicotine levels in your blood are reduced by 50%, and your oxygen levels will return to normal.

After 12 hours carbon monoxide levels in your blood will drop to normal.

After 24 hours your lungs will begin to clear out mucus and smoking debris.

After 48 hours your body will be free of all the nicotine and your sense of taste and smell will improve greatly.

After 72 hours your bronchial tubes will relax, allowing you to breathe much easier and you'll find you have more energy.

After two to 12 weeks your blood circulation continues to improve.

After three months heart attack risk starts to fall while lung function starts to improve.

After three to nine months after quitting smoking, your coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and other breathing difficulties begin to improve.

After one to five years your chance of experiencing a heart attack drops by about half that of a smoker.

After ten years your chance of developing lung cancer drops by about half and your chance of experiencing a heart attack is the same as someone who has never smoked.

After 15 years the risk of stroke and heart disease is similar to a nonsmoker.

None of this will get rid of all the risks. Even decades after quitting smoking people who once smoked have higher risks of dying from diseases that block breathing channels such as emphysema. Smokers and former smokers are much more likely to die of cancers of the head, neck, throat, lungs and the bladder than non-smokers.

It's never ever too late to quit. No matter what your age you can reduce your risk of dying of smoking-related diseases by 50% if you quit smoking now. Focus on these health benefits can help and use them as your natural stop smoking aids. Whether you quit 'cold turkey' or not, try not to use stop smoking pills, hypnosis, magnets, gum or patches. You'll feel the results fast. Make smoking cessation your goal now, YOU CAN DO IT! Thousands before you have done it too!

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By Trevor Johnson

If you are considering trying out hypnosis to quit smoking, you are likely wondering what to expect and exactly how it all works. While many people today remain unaware or unconvinced of the powerful benefits to the process of hypnosis, it remains an effective tool that is solely responsible for many people giving up cigarettes for good.

It is extremely difficult to quit cigarettes because it is a real addiction. The withdraw symptoms can be unbearable for many people, resulting in a relapse within a few days or weeks.

This process can help you get through those days of withdraw by reducing the power of the addiction over your mind. It sounds rather amazing to imagine overcoming withdraws of an intense addiction by changes within your mind, but this is exactly what happens with hypnosis.

Never underestimate the power of your mind and thought processes. You can effectively take charge of all aspects of your body and behavior just by taking better control of how you think. This is a proven science that may be hard to understand, but the proven results are equally difficult to argue.

Hypnosis works because it allows you to bypass your conscious mind and dig deeper into the subconscious workings of your mind. This in turn allows better control of your attitude and thought patterns after the hypnosis, even if you are not aware of it.

This can help you get through the initial days of quitting smoking when the worst withdraw symptoms are typically in effect. If you can make it through until the nicotine is completely out of your system and you have some time without the habit, you have a much higher chance of quitting for good.

If you are serious about giving up the cigarettes and can approach the process with sincerity and commitment, then using hypnosis to quit smoking could help you come out successful in the end. Most people who give up cigarettes alone will go back to the habit, but with hypnosis that doesn't have to include you!

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By Yoav Reuveni

I used to smoke the green for around 6 years or so. I have now been clean for around 6 months, and I can't begin to tell you how great I feel. While I was smoking pot everything seemed "grayed out" to me, And now I can finally truly enjoy my life and all activities but drug abuse. I'm writing This article not to push you to buy some kind of product, but to offer motivation and support to those who experience the same problems and difficulties as I have.

Suddenly everything is so colorful and exciting, I notice all sights and smells in a completely different manner. I feel so much more aware and perceptive, Like I can finally truly enjoy and appreciate all the different aspects of life. A cloud has been finally lifted from over my head.

If you are also a "Pothead", you must relate to what I'm saying here. Marijuana abuse symptoms include confusion, disorientation and a general lack of interest in any other activity. Basically, you can only enjoy smoking, and nothing seems fun without it...

I got to a point where I was smoking on a daily basis, I quit my job, and basically did nothing but smoke weed all day, every day. I used to take money from my parents and waste it on pot instead of buying clothes and food... I was heading nowhere and fell deeper and deeper into depression and anxiety.

At times I felt resigned to my faith, telling myself weed is already too much a part of my life that it is destined to be so forever, but somewhere along the way I experienced an enlightenment.

I realized I must take control of my life, and re-seize my mental freedom and independence, which were robbed from me by this disastrous habit. slowly I started distancing myself from all of my buddies ( all of them were users obviously) and embarked on a journey of self revelation and re-inventing.

I read every piece of information available on weed withdrawal, and tried many various methods to help me quit. I was so set on my goal that I finally found a program that worked for me, and helped me achieve my desire to have a normal life once again.

I strongly urge you to do the same, You might not realize it but this habit is slowly destroying your life. Smoking weed holds an extremely destructive effect both over your own health and the well being of your close environment. Basically its your own decision and I can just hope I helped nudge you in the right direction.

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By Debra Proctor

You want to quit smoking. You've checked out all the options and you really don't like any of them. Using patches and gum that contain nicotine when you are trying to break a nicotine addiction doesn't seem to make sense to you. You don't want side effects from nicotine-free aids and hypnosis and acupuncture are just too off center for you. So what do you do? You're and all-or-nothing kind of person so you want to quit smoking cold turkey. Is it possible? Is it very smart?

Research has found that 80-90% of people who quit cold turkey were successful. Here are step-by-step tips to help you.

Plan ahead

* Learn relaxation techniques
* Start exercising before you quit
* Think about the reasons you smoke and plan for strategies to cope when you have the urge
* Write out the reason you want to quit smoking - keep these handy and read them several times throughout

Tell family, friends, and co-workers

* It is important to have a support group to help you through the tough times
* It is also important to "warn" those who are around you so they will realize what is happening if you are especially irritable

Throw away all cigarettes, ashtrays, and lighters

* Do not just put these items up - throw them away!
* Don't forget to get these items out of your house, car, office, workshop, etc.

Pick an exact day you are going to stop

* Plan a lot of activity that day
* Take a few days off from work to eliminate stress
* Plan something fun that will keep your mind off smoking
* Change your routine - many people are triggered to smoke at certain times, places, and with certain people. If you smoke in the morning with a cup of coffee, have your coffee in a different room. Avoid the people that you usually smoke with or ask them not to smoke in front of you.
* Have items on hand to relieve your urge to put something in your mouth - gum, hard candy, carrot sticks, celery, toothpicks, straws
* Spend time in places where smoking isn't allowed

Eat regular meals - but don't substitute the smoking with eating excessively

Start a money jar - Having a jar to put the money in that you save by not smoking serves as reinforcement that you are doing a good thing by saving money.

Reward - At the end of the day, reward yourself in a way that does not involve food.

Record your success
- Mark your success on the calendar every day. This is great visual reinforcement to remind yourself how well you are doing.

You can see that it is possible to quit smoking cold turkey if you take the proper steps. While it may be a little more difficult than using aids, your chances of becoming and staying a non-smoker are much greater. By planning ahead and following these tips, it will help you ease into your new and healthier lifestyle.

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So, you want to quit smoking? First of all, your chances of failing are greater if you are stopping the habit for the wrong reasons. Yes, there are wrong reasons to quit. Some of these reasons are from family pressure, (your kids were scared in school from the propaganda), or your friends are stopping, (and you know it's not as fun to be around them without that common thread of nicotine), your state is going tax crazy and targeting the smoker for more income, (and you're forced to buy the extra, cheap, generic version), or any number of other reasons. The truth of the matter is this - if you want to stop smoking, it is because you have had enough of smoking and are tired of the addiction and now want to stop.

When you have come to this point in your life, I have some tips that are not your usual, conventional ways. In fact, my tips are quite the opposite of the norm. These four simple steps I took, (of course after I was burned out with smoking), provided a strong base on which I could stand while ending my addiction to nicotine.

1. Contrary to popular belief, I found the beginning of this procedure to be more effective if I didn't tell anyone I was quitting. My quitting smoking was something I was doing for myself and not anyone else, so I felt this was my business and therefore, something personal I did not wish to share. (Also, if you let others know, they will be watching your every move). I'm accountable to myself, not to anyone else.

2. Contrary to another popular belief, quitting cold turkey is not a good manner in which to kick the habit. Your body's nicotine receptors will be screaming loud and clear that they want what you have so suddenly taken away. You'll be fighting with the screaming and ranting that will be taking over your thoughts, and I guarantee, you will finally break down from the mental as well as physical pressure and start smoking again. So, don't try and act tough. Buy a box of nicotine gum, a nicotine patch, or any of the other stop smoking items on the market.

3. I'm contradicting the other popular belief about throwing your smokes away. Do you just want to set yourself up for failure? You know, as well as I, that if your body is craving a cigarette badly enough that you will either: dive into the garbage and retrieve that pack, (the ones that you didn't crumple up), or you will get into the car's ashtray, (or any ashtray for that matter), and smoke every last butt. So, do yourself a favor, and keep an unopened pack of smokes in your possession. This will not only relieve the anxiety you feel about not having your "friends" around, but will also give you the choice if you want to open that box or not.

By the way, I do agree with ridding your home, car, patio, bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen, or any other place you smoke, of ashtrays. Ashtrays, if not washed out, are just icky smelling. If they are nice, wash them out and fill the tray with potpourri, or if you are like I was, just throw the old soda cans away!

4. Lastly, replace the empty space where you used to hold the cigarette, with a bottle of water, a squeeze ball, or anything which fills that empty void.

Remember, it takes approximately three weeks to break a habit. So, keep chewing that gum, or whatever method you chose, (except cold turkey), to do something that you alone have chosen to discontinue.

Cheryl Hill began reading the tarot eighteen years ago. Now, Cheryl educates others in their life's travels by providing psychic tarot readings and teaching the tarot through a home study course.

Cheryl is an avid collector of tarot cards and antique metaphysical games and books. In addition to her enthusian for the tarot, Cheryl is also the author of two published novels, Family Tradition and Reverse Time, and just recently two ebooks for her tarot course.

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By Nick Tuttle

Learning how to quit smoking cigarettes will probably be one of the hardest things in your life as it was for me, a 47 year old, 3 packs a day, 25 year smoker.

First of all, what made me so angry was that it wasn't all my fault that I had been addicted to cigarettes for the majority of my adult life. They are designed to be highly addictive so you can make those cigarette companies even more money by cutting years and years off of your life. But thanks heavens, I was finally able to quit smoking cigarettes - without wasting a boatload of money and time with patches, pills, gum, and therapy - in less than a week...yeah you heard me, less than a week.

I know that sounds too good to be true, but as soon as you have finished reading this article you'll dispel your skepticism as soon as you have quit your habit in less than a week too.

1) Quit smoking cigarettes for your loved ones rather than for your own health's sake.

Think how much it will mean to them to be able to tell and show them that you aren't dependent on cigarettes anymore. Think how much more time on Earth that you will be able to cherish with them.

2) Drink more water during the day.

I know this sounds too basic to be effective, but trust me, I don't personally like the "taste" of water, but once I began drinking more water each day until my urine was clear, I felt so much more energized and better. Trust me on this one.

3) Exercise a little bit every day.

You'd be surprised as much as I was to hear that a little bit of exercise per day can help to kick the habit. All I did was run a mile or 2 every morning along with some push-ups and sit-ups and I was so much more energized and refreshed. I felt that I didn't want/need to smoke a cigarette as much as I did before I was exercising.

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By Chris Smithers

Patches work because they contain nicotine. So if you wear a nicotine patch then you will get your dose of nicotine without making any effort. You just wear it on the skin, usually on your upper arm or even on your butt - Yes, that really is recommended by the manufacturers!

The idea is that you can stop smoking immediately because you don't have cravings anymore. You don't have cravings anymore because you are getting your nicotine in other ways. Sounds good in theory but what about in practice?

I tried nicotine patches when I was at college. You get them in different dose levels so I chose a medium dose. I read the instructions and decided to slap one on my upper arm and then I went to class.

After about 30 minutes, I started to feel woozy. This was a Spanish class and I could still think straight and speak in a different language but something wasn't quite right. I decided that I didn't like getting nicotine this way and as soon as the class finished I ripped the patch off and lit up a cigarette. The instructions said that you shouldn't smoke so soon but I didn't care!

So why did I react badly? I guess it's because patches deliver nicotine in a slow release through the skin instead of via the lungs. It gives you a totally different sensation but it wasn't for me.

So what can you learn from my experience?

Patches might work some people, in fact they do work for some people, but for others they are not the best way to quit smoking. Each person reacts differently to the same treatments. Luckily, there are many different ways that you can stop smoking and there will be at least one out there that is just right for you.

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By Monalisa Hyden

Smoking cessation is not a child’s play. As a matter of fact you know better how tough it is to live without cigarette…I know you have tried to quit earlier but failed. Not that you are the only person who failed in his very first attempt, it is a common story among smokers. The nicotine addiction is responsible for this and you need to plan your cessation activities keeping in mind that quitting smoke involves fight with your addiction hence it also involves your mind.

A strategic planning is required before you decide to quit smoking. Normally this process is made up of five steps which should be planned properly if you wish to be successful.

>> Get prepared

>> Get help

>> Learn new skills and behaviors for quit smoking

>> Get medication and use it correctly

>> Be ready for relapse or difficult situations

Get prepared

When you decide to quit smoking, get mentally prepared. You will not allow even a single puff to yourself. Fix a date for quitting smoke and rearrange you home, car and office table by getting rid of smoke related things like ashtray, cigarette packets etc.

Get Help

Seek support from your family members, friends and co-workers. Tell them that you are going to quit smoking and you need their support. This step will help you get motivation for smoking cessation and your friends and co-workers will consciously keep you away from smoking by not offering cigarette to you.

New Skills and Behavior for Quit Smoking

Learn the tricks of distracting yourself from your cravings. Talk to a close friend, go for a walk or take a shower when you feel a strong urge to smoke. Avoid places where you know that you will be offered cigarette or people around you will be smoking. Use good stress busters like light exercise, meditation, music etc to lessen stress from your everyday life. Avoid alcohol and drink a lot of water and fruit juices through out the day to flush out body toxins.

Use proper Medications

There are medications available to help you in managing nicotine cravings, the most popular medication now a day is Chantix, which makes you dislike the nicotine kick. This medicine can help you immensely in controlling your cigarette cravings. Ask your doctor about the medications which will help you in managing cravings.

Get Ready for Relapse and Difficult Situations

There is no need to feel discouraged if you relapse because it takes at least two to three attempts of quitting smoke before permanent quitting. But if you have a proper plan and a strong will to quit smoking along with the help of anti-smoking medicine like Chantix, your success is 99% sure.

Using the five steps for proper planning, there is no need to be afraid of quit smoking. Try and give your best effort and enjoy a smoke-free, healthy life.

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By Erson A Powers

If you want to stop smoking or know someone who does, then this might be just what you need to take back your life and really quit smoking for good.

Image having helpful tips that are easy to adhere to and really work for ALL tobacco users right at your fingertips. We have found a product that enables you to quit smoking without stress and struggles. This program eliminates the trial and error attempts guaranteed. Image reading files on a computer that can help destroy major cravings the stress free way... no matter how long you have smoked, how much you smoke or how many times you have tried to quit before...you can still achieve success!

We have found an easy-to-follow step-by-step method that is instant and helpful for teaching you how to quit smoking successfully. This program is accomplished through painless processes and does not use gum, patches, pills or cause weight gain!!!

This program guarantees that if you are serious and truly want to quit (or no someone who does)....then in less than 3 hours you or your loved one CAN do just that. Image simply by following these simple step-by-step online files in just 3 hours you or a love one can be one step closer to getting your healthy life back and reaching your tobacco free goals. This can all be achieved from the comfort of your home, and all you need is online access. This program offers easily downloadable files, audios and includes three extra added bonus features strictly designed to help you or a loved one quit smoking forever. Additional email access and links to web-forms for extra support to ensure you quit smoking right now with great results are also available.

Envision reading online material that is designed with you in mind; that helps you quit smoking for life without stress and fail. These downloadable files provide a 100% money back guarantee, and have proven results to help you take back you life.

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By Trevor Johnson

Just as with any drug your body goes through a physical and psychological withdrawal process when you quit smoking as a result of your body's nicotine dependency. The symptoms reach maximum power at about 2 days. Some of most common withdrawal symptoms are:

Cravings - Tobacco carvings are the most common withdrawal symptom. The first couple of days are the worst. However cravings will fluctuate for weeks even years after you have stopped smoking. The cravings can be compared to those of a dieter who wants chocolates and chips.

Mouth ulcers.

Blisters, sores and inflammation are often caused by the lack of chemicals contained in the cigarettes which your mouth has grown use to over the years.

Coughing- Coughing is the means employed by lungs and the upper respiratory system to get rid of the toxins that built-up over the years of smoking. Some quitters complain about tightness in the chest accompanying the coughing. This is as a result of the more fresh air filling the normally smoke filled lungs. The colour of the mucus produced by the couching can range from brown to black.

Irritability and lack of concentration.

Tension and cravings make the quitter irritable as well as lacking in concentration.

Sleepiness and other sleep related problems.

Smokers believe that smoking boosts their energy levels. Once they quite smoking they lack in energy which in turn makes them sleepy. The quitter can also have other sleeping problems such as sleeplessness from coughing or cravings.

Health advantages to quitting.

Within just 20 minutes after smoking your last cigarette you will see and feel changes in your body. Changes of course for the better. Stabilisation in body temperature, blood pressure and pulse rate. Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide levels in your body return to normal after a mere 8 hours of quitting. The chances of a heart attack decreases significantly after just 24 hours. Within a couple of months you will walk better and faster due to increased circulation. Your lung function will also increase by a third. After a year your chances of heart disease will be 50% less than that of a smoker, you will feel more energised and repertory diseases as well as allergies related to smoking are eliminated.

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By Roger C Edwards

The hardest part about quitting smoking isn't actually quitting smoking, it's the bizarre stigma that everybody (even non-smokers) have created about how hard smoking is supposed to be. The ironic thing is that it doesn't have to be that hard!

When most people quit smoking, they don't actually become non-smokers. They become smokers who, depending on their success, are just not smoking at the time. Whichever method they're using, be it nicotine replacement, pills, or cold turkey, in their minds they are still smokers.

The problem is that people try to treat smoking as a physical addiction, when it's a mental addiction. You'll notice that you can easily go for hours without a cigarette, as long as you know that you'll get to smoke eventually. If it was a purely physical addiction, this wouldn't be possible.

You're only as addicted to smoking as your mind wants you to be. You have connections in your mind between certain events (getting off of work, being on the phone, working on a term paper) and smoking that trigger your urge to smoke. In order to truly become a non-smoker, you have to unravel these connections and realize that cigarettes won't actually help you do anything.

It all breaks down to identifying when you want to smoke and why. If you figure out what causes you to want to smoke (and anticipating the way it affects you) you can easily break free from your supposed need to smoke, since you'll reduce it to something as simple as, for example, biting your nails or chewing on toothpicks.

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By Bobby Min

Most smokers have a love/hate relationship with cigarettes. From the moment they wake up in the morning and until they sleep in the night, cigarettes seem to have become a part of every activity they do. It takes conscious effort on the part of a smoker to untangle the association they build with cigarette over a lifetime and realize the benefits of quitting smoking.

Soon after you give up smoking you would notice some remarkable changes in your body. Your sense of smell and taste will improve. Other short term changes would be blood pressure dropping to normal, pulse rating dropping to normal, body temperature increasing to normal, Carbon monoxide level becoming normal, and oxygen level in blood increases to normal.

On the other hand in the long run chances of heart attacks are reduced, nerve endings start re-growing, blood circulation betters, lung functioning increases by 30%; cilia re-grows in lungs, cleans the lungs, and reduces infection. Death rate for average smoker (one pack a day) decreases by almost half. Precancerous cells are replaced; risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidney and pancreas is reduced.

So it is seen that to increase our chances for a long life you should quit smoking. This would also add a number of healthy productive days to each year of your life. There is no other better time than today to make the changes. Don't give another day of your precious life over to smoking - Realize the benefits of quitting smoking now and quit now.

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By Chase Parker

If you are having troubles quitting smoking, then you are not alone. All over the world, millions of people are trying to kick the habit of smoking but they are having an extremely hard time doing so. That is because smoking is your drug that you are addicted to. You need to get your fix of nicotine or else you can't function. That doesn't have to be the case anymore.A lot people have problems with trying to stop smoking because they are using methods that allow them to still get a fix of nicotine.

When alcoholics go off of drinking, they don't have a shot every now and then, so why are you still allowing nicotine to flow into your body? It doesn't make any sense. If you are going to quit smoking forever, then you can't allow any more nicotine to make its way inside of you.

Some natural ways to stop smoking include stopping altogether. This is better known as cold turkey. Cold turkey is the best and healthiest way to stop smoking. You have probably tried quitting cold turkey before but it hasn't worked in your favor. That is because you never really tried that hard. If you were to stop smoking cigarettes today, your lungs would instantly become healthier and your body would start to improve.

That should be enough motivation to want to turn your life around and add years to your life. You could re correct the damage that you had been doing to yourself in a matter of years. If you are having troubles with cold turkey, then be sure to drink plenty of water and keep your hands and mouth busy with something else.
You have destroyed your body, lost friends and years off of your life. It is time to make the change so you can get your life back. Cigarettes don't have to control your life anymore. There is a way to stop smoking and it can help you to make the change that you need. Visit this, helpful site so you can start living a smoke free life, starting today.

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By Chase Parker

There are so many people in the world who are desperate to stop smoking but they don't know where to begin. They don't want the tiny cigarettes to control their lives anymore. If you are a smoker who is desperate to stop, then you know how tough it is.When you tell your friends that you are going to stop smoking, they don't believe you or they wonder why you haven't quit earlier. But they don't know how hard it is. You are addicted to the nicotine and it isn't easy to fight an addiction. It has become a part of your daily routine and is like oxygen to you. With no one supporting you, how can you expect to get the results that you want?

You have tried the patch and the gum but they aren't working in your favor. After a few weeks of trying, you give up because you are still addicted to smoking. You need a better solution. You need to know about a new way to stop smoking.

The best way to quit smoking forever is to fill the spot of smoking with something positive. If you feel a craving coming up, fill the craving with something else. Try working out to fight off the addiction. Your lungs could use the workout and it will re strengthen your lungs and your body. After a few weeks of doing this, you will notice a huge improvement in your body and it will be enough to make you want to quit smoking forever.
You have allowed these tiny cigarettes overpower you for too long. You are being controlled by something that you could squish in the palm of your hand. If you are tired of the way that you look, feel and smell, then it is time to make a change. You can stop smoking forever and it is easier than you think. If you want to make the change today, then visit this helpful site so you can start living the life that you deserve.

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By Dr.Mark Clayson

Snuff second hand is also known as passive smoking, because the person who is inhaling the smoke will not or is not even necessarily aware that he is inhaling secondhand smoke. snuff second hand is also toxic to the body because the chemicals found smoke contains carcinogens that can cause various complications such as cancer. It is believed that about four thousand different compounds found in secondhand smoke, and about two hundred of these compounds are harmful to the body.

When lit a cigarette and smoked by a person, only about half of the inhalation of smoke is, in fact, meaning that the other half floats in the air around it and what is known as secondhand smoke. There are plenty of risks inherent to inhale cigarette smoke. second snuff poses more danger to your body that you realize. This is especially true when the child inhales secondhand smoke because their lungs and other organs has not yet reached the level of immunity to an adult.

Snuff second hand is a partner in the development of several cancers including lung cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, cancer of the nasal cavity, breast and bladder cancer. I should also note that second hand smoking is dangerous, since some compounds found in cigarettes are carcinogenic if it comes into contact with certain body enzymes so be sure to stay as far away as possible from someone who is smoking, especially if you're with a child.

Children who are below eighteen months of age are particularly at risk of many complications caused by second-hand snuff. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that around one hundred and fifty thousand to three thousand children develop infections that can be harmful to your health long term. Another common disease is believed to be caused by second-hand snuff is asthma, second hand smoking can seriously worsen the condition in children and healthy children may also develop this condition if exposed to secondhand smoke with regularly.

Moreover, even for common illness such as cough and wheezing may be attributed to second hand smoke. And note that children are too exposed to cigarette smoke may also develop emotional problems such as irritability and anxiety. Moreover, these children are more likely to suffer from dental problems like tooth decay and can find the eyes and nose problems in the future. The ears of a child is not safe from the risks attributed to secondhand smoke because it is believed that up to one million six hundred thousand children suffer from ear infections because of their exposure to secondhand smoke.

There are more serious problems that can be attributed to second hand smoke, such as coronary heart disease, artherosclerosis and even death. secondhand smoke is worse than anyone had expected dangers in the past. But with all the information available at this point because there is no excuse to tolerate secondhand smoke.

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By:Val Palmer

If you are seeking methods or treatments regarding quit smoking, there are loads of stop smoking tips available for you. You just do a favor to decide to quit smoking, but bear in mind you need to find the appropriate stop smoking tips for success.

Risk of Going Back to Old Habits

Lots of smokers have kept their mind on certain tips. After following those tips, some of them successfully have managed to break the habit.

One of stop smoking tips that is very obvious is that average person doesn't light up a cigarette for about six to eight hours per day and the reason is that these hours are spent in sleeping at night. Moreover, among the many useful tips you will come upon, keep your mind on things like using hypnosis or making use of nicotine aids if you really want to kick the habit. As a final resort, you could even mull over doing cold turkey or even using certain medications that help a person to quit smoking.

However, whatsoever stop smoking tips you try out, they will work in a different way for each smoker.

Hypnosis can help you relax and make you forget of smoking thus it has been claimed to be a very effective quit smoking tip. In truth, while you are hypnotized, the hypnotist will frequently repeat a certain message which principally says that smoking is no longer a required thing for you to do. As you will be in a relaxed state of mind, in your intuitive state, your mind will become receptive to this message and then help you act on it and lead you to quitting smoking.

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By Dr. Mark Clayson

Passive smoking is also known as second smoke, involuntary smoking, and exposure to environmental smoke snuff - or ETS. Eighty-five percent of ETS consists of sidestream smoke - the smoke that is exhaled by a smoker or released from the burning tip of a cigarette or snuff product. Health effects of passive smoking are many, but not trivial. Ranging from eye irritation to worsening of asthma and allergies to cancer. Although they have not been established as the main cause is an association between certain diseases and exposure to ETS.

Short-term effects

The short term effects of passive smoking are normally associated with the induced or exacerbated asthma and allergy attacks. This is because the smoke is an allergen snuff. A number of non-smokers complain of headaches, eye irritation, nasal congestion, sneezing, sore throat, cough and other respiratory tract infections from exposure to sidestream smoke or ETS. In almost all cases, eye irritation was observed that the main symptom of exposure to cigarette smoke.

People with allergies may experience the following: watery or irritated eyes, itchy or runny nose, sneezing, wheezing, coughing, a feeling of suffocation, and other typical allergy symptoms within a few minutes to get exposed. Some, with no history of allergies or asthma may suddenly cough in rooms filled with smoke snuff. Get other headaches, feeling nausea, drowsiness, and experience other adverse effects, when a lack of smoke does not present these symptoms. It can also lead to cravings for those who are in the process of quitting.

In people with asthma, an attack can be induced or exacerbated by the current exposure to ETS, or faster with the sidestream smoke. Some have reported cases in which a significant decrease in lung function occurred in adults with asthma.

An effect on the heart of passive smoking has also been observed and measured. Just thirty minutes exposure to smoke from snuff can reduce coronary blood flow.

Short-term effects of passive smoking may cease when the exposure ends. However, repeated short-term and long-term exposure can cause serious long-term effects

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By Jason Rodriguez

Smoking is harmful, hazardous, and dangerous. These three words all mean the same -- Smoking is not good for you or for anyone else!

Smoking is harmful. This statement has been supported by years of study. If you haven't heard or read anything about the harm that smoking can cause, read the facts below.

Smoking causes lung cancer. In the United States, smoking-related lung cancer cases account to 87%. Even passive smokers are exposed to the risk of developing lung cancer by 20 to 30%. Every year, 3,400 nonsmokers die of lung cancer.

Heart disease is caused by smoking. Nicotine is shown to narrow the blood vessels which results to blockage. This condition can now result to a heart attack or stroke. A smoker is 5 times more likely to suffer from a heart attack. Passive smokers also have an increased risk of developing heart disease by 25 to 30%.

Pregnant women who smoke are also prone to miscarriages. There is also an increased risk that the baby has low birth weight or small for gestational age. Sudden infant death syndrome has also been linked to smoking during pregnancy. In the United States, 430 infants die because of sudden infant death syndrome.

Other harmful effects of smoking are emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancers of the oral cavity, esophageal cancer, tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, invasive pneumococcal disease, laryngeal cancer, pancreatic cancer, and many more.

And the worst harmful effect of smoking is that it can cause death! Smoking is now considered the second major cause of death worldwide. It decreases a smoker's life expectancy by 2.5 to 10 years. And every cigarette consumed is equal to losing 11 minutes of your life!

These findings are supported by years of study. Would you choose death over life? Would you choose smoking or quitting? Quit smoking now!

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by: Ay Samuel

Quit smoking cigarettes easily can be as easy as breaking a stick of broom. We only need to lock our selves into using the right techniques and we will see how easy it can be to quit the use of tobacco in very little time.

One thing that we have not realized yet is the fact that our cravings to smoke are not physical. The truth is that we are mentally addicted to cigarettes. Some people will ask how it is so. The thing is that we are already used to lighting up those sticks and smoke them whenever we decide to. Once we decide to smoke, we simply go ahead to do so. It is because we have our minds addicted to it, that is why we do what we do. If we notice carefully, we find that we smoke at will.

Rather than trying to fight the nicotine addiction (physical addiction), we ought to take action in breaking ourselves free from the mental tie that we have with smoking. That is the best way to quit the problem completely. Unless we stand and cut ourselves off from those mental ties, we will just be wasting out time and efforts trying to quit.

The way we can break ourselves from those mental ties is simply to convince ourselves that we don't need those sticks anymore. The thing is that we all smoke for some unknown reasons. If someone come up to us and asks us why we smoke, we won't have a really solid answer to give, if we are to really be honest with the answers that we provide.

All we need to do to quit smoking cigarettes easily is teach ourselves that we don't need to smoke ever again. To do this we will need to apply certain simple techniques that are proven to be very effective in helping anyone to quit the use of cigarettes. With these techniques, we won't have to experience nasty months of withdrawal from smoking. And we won't have to set quit dates without prior reduction or preparation.

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by: Marc Gaensslen

A survey was conducted in the U.S. in 2008showed that about 44 million people are smokers. This is a surprisingly large number and almost as high is the number of smokers trying to quit, but not entirely. There are some common traps to fall into the majority of smokers before they reach their goal successfully. In this article you will read about common reasons why people do not take the step to smoke in their lives.

The first decision of the majority of smokers that is simply not the right mindset. There is a day when the truth today I smoke my last cigarette! " but a few days are as before. They have not changed their mentality! To quit smoking is possible only if the burning desire to leave in your mind and not be weak and fall back to the exit.

Another key point why smokers do not give way to a new smoke-free life is simply not recognize the benefits they have to say goodbye to their loved cigarettes. They do not see that his health is much better than the risk of cancer and a heart attack was reduced drastically. Of course they know about it but do not fully understand and internalize those reasons. Also, if you do not see others smoke in public places are often disturbed by the smoke and the smell of smoke on your clothes and hair to be honest and free of smoke a kiss is just a little more experience of your partner, not is that?

Too often people start smoking again, because no search and find alternatives. Waiting for the next bus, which arrives in 10 minutes later and do not know what to do and what ... I guess it was his understanding cigarettes. Could have some gum or candy in place of a smell of smoke. Even when sitting at home, not knowing what to do and do not smoke a cigarette instead of going outside and take a walk or jog.

In this article you learned some of the reasons people give up their goal of a smoke-free life. Not develop the right mindset that is absolutely necessary to achieve the goal. Also, do not find alternatives and do not recognize the benefits of a smoke-free life! There are just some of the reasons why people give up. I hope you enjoyed this and plan to read different people!

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by: Jackie Winn

Smoking is a life-threatening drug-consuming. The package of cigarettes that clearly states that consumption is injurious to health. There are several books and guides available on the market that can preach how to quit. While quitting can be a daunting task, it is really impossible to get rid of this habit. Among the millions of chain smokers, there are thousands whose attempts to quit smoking successful.

While not really a best way that you can stop smoking, you can choose among several methods to help you quit this disgusting habit. Regardless of effort or difficult steps needed to stop smoking, we should realize that smoking is dangerous, two folds. Affects not only the smoker but also affects people in the vicinity of the smoker is more likely that family members or close friends.
Below are the 3 main ways to quit.


Nicorette is a gum that reduces cravings to smoke with the release of nicotine in saliva after consumption. The nicotine in gum is fairly low compared to a cigarette, with the exemption of other chemicals that are harmful to our body. Although the gum is sweet, no sugar. There are other safety components that are used to sweeten chewing gum. Nicorette works better, if you continue with other programs.


The percentage of people who are able to quit smoking with hypnosis therapy has soared high in the recent past. Hypnosis involves techniques to relax and play with your sub-conscious mind to get rid of smoking. There is a certain set of techniques to be followed and may take a couple of sessions before they are able to quit completely.

Do not give up

Any method that you intend to follow will be successful only if it do not give up in the middle. Like any other program or habit that never quit. Studies have shown that most smokers succeed in their seventh try before they are able to quit completely.

Quitting smoking is more about changing your habits. The physical and mental trauma that one goes through at a later stage is much more than the first pleasure that smoking has to offer. It is important to make a conscious decision and seek continued support to get rid of this habit of life or death.
I am pleased that after almost chain smoking my husband and I both gave up smoking 12 or more years ago!

We created our own website in the hope that we will be able to help some other people from their own smoking habits and in the process of saving dollars and their health.

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by Marc Gaensslen

Did you know that according to a study in the U.S. which was conducted in 2007 showed that over 19.8% of all people are smokers? That is enough, right? That's more than 43.1 million people.

There are plenty of guides and formulas on the market that promise you to stop smoking with ease, but forget them in the first line! Most of them do not work without knowing a thing to stop smoking only started in his own mind. It is easy to say, I know, but let's face the truth.

If you want to quit successfully you have to change their mentality. Most people have evil thoughts and say that it could now stop smoking immediately if he wanted. That is the custom of smokers. Smoking cessation will be needed in the first line. If you really have your mind to quit smoking that has made the first and most difficult step towards a brighter future. There are also some points that help you to stand in the way and not fall again

Find out exactly when you smoke! There are moments in the life of each smoker. Some of them always smoke a cigarette when they are bored, for example, when in the train station and have plenty of time. Others smoke when under pressure. They think they need a cigarette to calm down, to withstand stress. There are smokers who smoke their first cigarette when they regularly get out of bed. Just see if the smoke and start to switch to the next point.

Alternatives of ugly "smoke" behavior! If you could find situations always think about smoking, be prepared to discuss alternatives. Always have a pack of gum or sweets with you and them, instead of taking a cigarette. I would suggest chewing gum, because it is better for your line.

Think of all the benefits you get if you quit smoking! I admit that there are some points that really do not realize if you are a smoker. Nevertheless, the people around you realize. If you stop smoking you can smell much better. Not only encouragement but also his clothes and hair. Of course, health should be one of the main goals for quitting. It will take a little, but if you are smoke-free around 3 weeks, you feel that your condition is much better than before.

So here are some tips he learned to follow a "smoke free" life. You must change your mindset in the first line. Then find out the exact situation when you smoke and switch to alternatives. If you are about to stop always remember the benefits you will if you stay strong. With these tips you should be able to make their way towards a better future!

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By:Chris Roger

The decision to stop smoking must be taken now rather than later, when the drug is very difficult to stop. If a person was a smoker for a long time, and how to stop smoking is a vital issue in such cases. Smoking is an addiction hard to break as cigarettes contain nicotine is addictive substance that the body and mind.

Studies show that when you have finished smoking a cigarette, indicating that it had lost at least 5 -10 minutes of your life. Apart from causing your body to be lower, the consumption of snuff leads to bad breath, wrinkles, yellow teeth, lower bone density, fertility problems, which inevitably affect the health sexual women and men, and most likely to be infected with deadly diseases such as throat cancer, lung cancer, smoking regularly by the decrease of about 8 or more years of their lives. Never learn to stop smoking and to add these years?

There are many ways to quit smoking that can be easily obtained from different locations. Drugs are also a resource for quitting smoking by many doctors today. Some smokers are administered therapy with nicotine replacement such as nicotine gum, nicotine patches, lozenges, inhalers, etc. But the problem with nicotine replacement, and most drugs is deals primarily with the physical aspect of how smoking affects the body. Solutions on how to stop smoking should be more targeted in mind that the body, because it is here that the main drug.

Coping with the mind is more difficult. Because the smoker is still inclined to believe that their joy and happiness is inside of a cigarette. Check the veracity of what the nicotine in cigarettes can do to the body and mind is one of the most important issues of smoking.

To relieve the minds of these addictions can pave the way for the treatment of addiction to smoking body. Smokers believe that smoking is still necessary to relieve your daily stress. If the connection of the mind in the consumption of snuff is broken, then a person will be able to overcome their smoking habit. Over time, they understand that their happiness does not depend on a cigarette, but what we really do.

Another idea on how to quit smoking is to attend counseling sessions and get help from someone who is an ex-smoker, a person who has learned the value of life and stopped smoking. Share your fears stop smoking, alleviate the doubts in your mind can be authorized by the participants in these meetings, which are good for those trying to quit.

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by: Morialdo moss

How to quit smoking cigarettes? It is the main issue raised by the smoker who has already warned the doctor. They are trying to find the best way to quit smoking. Regardless of the method, the first step should be initiated in the smoker. People who really want to quit smoking are more likely to respect their decision. Supporting those who want to quit, and letting them know that you are interested in, and that is "available to them may be helpful.

People who quit proud of themselves for the violation of drug abuse. Most smokers have to try several times before doing it forever. The best advice is keep trying! Plan to help smokers practice what to do next time they get the urge to smoke. Quitting can seem almost impossible, but it can be done. Do not give up! More than 45.7 million people in the United States to withdraw. Many have tried several times before they were able to quit smoking. They did, and quit for good. Other smokers can, too.

How to quit smoking cigarettes forever so you can increase your health. Cigarettes contain chemicals that are harmful to both smokers and non smokers. Even a bit of breathing smoke snuff can be very dangerous. Of the 4,000 chemicals in smoke snuff, at least 250 known very dangerous. In the chemicals found in smoke include hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, and toluene.

Of the 250 known harmful chemicals in the smoke of snuff, more than 50 have been found to cause cancer. Some of these chemicals:
• arsenic (a heavy metal toxin)
• benzene (a chemical found in gasoline)
• beryllium (a toxic metal)
• Cadmium (metal used in batteries)
• chromium (a metallic element)
• ethylene oxide (a chemical used to sterilize medical devices)
• Nickel (metal)
• Polonium-210 (chemical element, which gives of radiation)
• vinyl chloride (a toxic substance used in the manufacture of plastics)

The immediate health benefits Quitting smoking is very important. Heart rate and blood pressure, which was unusually high, even though smoking has gradually become normal. For several hours the carbon monoxide level in the blood begins to decrease. Within a few weeks, people who quit smoking have improved circulation. Within a few months after quitting, people can expect a significant improvement in lung function.
Morialdo Moss was a chain smoker and has managed to quit smoking after 20 years. Quit smoking, will keep you informed of the various types of cancer, and will keep you healthy.

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