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By Jackie Winn

The underlying purpose of this article is to work out what comprises supposition and what are the truths concerning tobacco smoking and what are the tangible consequences upon wellbeing.

During the preceding couple of years, some rights for smokers groups have come forward with counterclaims that there are not actually that many deadly health consequences related to smoking tobacco. with some conjecturing that cancer of the lung equals a disease attributable to ones aging as are the range of diverse cancers that are also assigned to smoking cigarettes and tobacco in general.

This implies that for each and every up-to-the-minute research program and for each and all new research write-up that's disseminated that they are just additional prejudicial accounts whilst discussing the health results of smoking. While biologists, physicians and men of science increment their perceptions regarding the anatomy and are capable of associating the consequences of smoking to a greater extent , they expose additional information about its damage to our health.

Whilst lung cancer continues to be the most urgent concern for many people whilst discussing the consequences on health smoking tobacco bears, in truth many cancers have been linked to this dependency, including as pharynx and voice box cancer, bladder cancer, cancer of the liver, cancer of the tongue and additional regions of the oral cavity, large intestine cancer and as extreme as cancer of the blood or leukemia.

In addition, tobacco use shrinks the heart's arterial blood vessels, leading to the muscle tthat pump the blood having to work much more laboriously to do their job. A commonly known detrimental effect on health caused by smoking is recurring heart associated diseases and heart attacks and further debility of the vascular system. A measurable number of instances of cardio vascular disease and cardial infarctions materialize in both male and female adult non-smokers that can be directly linked with passive smoking, or to visiting a smoke-filled environment on a regular basis..

Cancer is not the only sickness of the lungs that's an ascribable well being result of smoking tobacco. Diseases including as bronchial asthma, bronchitis, a incessant sore throat habitual cough with phlegm pneumonia, (COPD) and in essence whatever additional type of disease that you are capable to succumb to in the body's system respiratorium is at any rate linked to regular tobacco use.

Tobacco smoking is associated with sterility for both adult women and men. A man's sperm cell count may be changed by smoking tobacco, as can spermatozoan mobility. Women's ovulation may too become impacted by smoking tobacco, in either example; conception can be made progressively more difficult if both members of a couple smoke cigarettes products.

The conclusion is that there are many health effects of smoking cigarettes products and not one of them are beneficial. It's not an exagaration, it is reality that smoking tobacco does unquestionably not only destroy your well being abut also health of acquaintances and family around you

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By Jon James Daniels

I used to be a 40 a day man but I stopped smoking just like that. No gum, No patches and no pills.

I personally never saw what all the fuss was about. For me it was black and white. If I wanted to smoke, I was a smoker. I chose to not smoke therefore I became a non smoker. How could I possibly need a cigarette if I was a non smoker? People who don't smoke don't need cigarettes do they!

In was October 2003. I had just moved into a beautiful new house and I made the decision that there would be no smoking indoors. I went to watching England vs Turkey in a European Championship qualifier down The Pub Oxford. It was before the smoking ban came into effect and I just remember feeling completely and utterly fed up of smoking. The atmosphere was disgusting. I almost choked in a smoke filled room.

Then something happened. David Beckham slipped whilst taking a penalty. It was comical. With regards to the England football team at that time I lost all feeling towards them. No pleasure of us winning, no pain in us losing. Our qualification just became irrelevant.

I never thought much about that moment until I discovered NLP. I always thought I gave up smoking on will power alone with an instant logical decision. Having learnt how to model behavior I realized there was a whole strategy going on when I stopped smoking. I got excited.

I studied several other people who gave up smoking on willpower alone. I noticed a trend. Every each of these reformed smokers had a common strategy in mind.

Everybody who gives up smoking on willpower alone has three things in common.

1) They had a compelling reason
2) They were fed up of smoking
3) They had managed to make smoking irrelevant in their life.

Point 3 was the breakthrough moment simply as it takes all the power away from a smoking habit. Every stop smoking treatment covers points 1 and 2. It is the ability to make smoking irrelevant that will make you stop for good.

Think about a time when you were really looking forward to something. For me I always enjoyed the TV show Lost as I wanted to see what happened next yet once the series finale was over, Lost just didn't matter, it became irrelevant. Likewise in the 80's. The storyline of who shot JR was huge, yet the moment the gunman was revealed, it became irrelevant.

If you try using gum, patches or pills, you are actually giving more power to the habit as you are recognizing it as a evil to fight against. The use of these items gives you a new focus to become addicted to. This method just creates a battle between what you now see as good and evil. A battle ends up just being part of a war and you know already that nobody wins in War.

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Besides the hundreds of non-health reasons to quit smoking, there are many health benefits to quitting smoking. If you're looking for some good health reasons to stop smoking now, these are just a few of the many health reasons to look for when you quit that will help you reverse the effects of smoking.

To start with - just 20 minutes after you quit smoking your tired lungs and airways will begin to heal. Circulation will improve immediately and your blood pressure and pulse will return to normal.

After eight hours the nicotine levels in your blood are reduced by 50%, and your oxygen levels will return to normal.

After 12 hours carbon monoxide levels in your blood will drop to normal.

After 24 hours your lungs will begin to clear out mucus and smoking debris.

After 48 hours your body will be free of all the nicotine and your sense of taste and smell will improve greatly.

After 72 hours your bronchial tubes will relax, allowing you to breathe much easier and you'll find you have more energy.

After two to 12 weeks your blood circulation continues to improve.

After three months heart attack risk starts to fall while lung function starts to improve.

After three to nine months after quitting smoking, your coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and other breathing difficulties begin to improve.

After one to five years your chance of experiencing a heart attack drops by about half that of a smoker.

After ten years your chance of developing lung cancer drops by about half and your chance of experiencing a heart attack is the same as someone who has never smoked.

After 15 years the risk of stroke and heart disease is similar to a nonsmoker.

None of this will get rid of all the risks. Even decades after quitting smoking people who once smoked have higher risks of dying from diseases that block breathing channels such as emphysema. Smokers and former smokers are much more likely to die of cancers of the head, neck, throat, lungs and the bladder than non-smokers.

It's never ever too late to quit. No matter what your age you can reduce your risk of dying of smoking-related diseases by 50% if you quit smoking now. Focus on these health benefits can help and use them as your natural stop smoking aids. Whether you quit 'cold turkey' or not, try not to use stop smoking pills, hypnosis, magnets, gum or patches. You'll feel the results fast. Make smoking cessation your goal now, YOU CAN DO IT! Thousands before you have done it too!

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By Trevor Johnson

If you are considering trying out hypnosis to quit smoking, you are likely wondering what to expect and exactly how it all works. While many people today remain unaware or unconvinced of the powerful benefits to the process of hypnosis, it remains an effective tool that is solely responsible for many people giving up cigarettes for good.

It is extremely difficult to quit cigarettes because it is a real addiction. The withdraw symptoms can be unbearable for many people, resulting in a relapse within a few days or weeks.

This process can help you get through those days of withdraw by reducing the power of the addiction over your mind. It sounds rather amazing to imagine overcoming withdraws of an intense addiction by changes within your mind, but this is exactly what happens with hypnosis.

Never underestimate the power of your mind and thought processes. You can effectively take charge of all aspects of your body and behavior just by taking better control of how you think. This is a proven science that may be hard to understand, but the proven results are equally difficult to argue.

Hypnosis works because it allows you to bypass your conscious mind and dig deeper into the subconscious workings of your mind. This in turn allows better control of your attitude and thought patterns after the hypnosis, even if you are not aware of it.

This can help you get through the initial days of quitting smoking when the worst withdraw symptoms are typically in effect. If you can make it through until the nicotine is completely out of your system and you have some time without the habit, you have a much higher chance of quitting for good.

If you are serious about giving up the cigarettes and can approach the process with sincerity and commitment, then using hypnosis to quit smoking could help you come out successful in the end. Most people who give up cigarettes alone will go back to the habit, but with hypnosis that doesn't have to include you!

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By Yoav Reuveni

I used to smoke the green for around 6 years or so. I have now been clean for around 6 months, and I can't begin to tell you how great I feel. While I was smoking pot everything seemed "grayed out" to me, And now I can finally truly enjoy my life and all activities but drug abuse. I'm writing This article not to push you to buy some kind of product, but to offer motivation and support to those who experience the same problems and difficulties as I have.

Suddenly everything is so colorful and exciting, I notice all sights and smells in a completely different manner. I feel so much more aware and perceptive, Like I can finally truly enjoy and appreciate all the different aspects of life. A cloud has been finally lifted from over my head.

If you are also a "Pothead", you must relate to what I'm saying here. Marijuana abuse symptoms include confusion, disorientation and a general lack of interest in any other activity. Basically, you can only enjoy smoking, and nothing seems fun without it...

I got to a point where I was smoking on a daily basis, I quit my job, and basically did nothing but smoke weed all day, every day. I used to take money from my parents and waste it on pot instead of buying clothes and food... I was heading nowhere and fell deeper and deeper into depression and anxiety.

At times I felt resigned to my faith, telling myself weed is already too much a part of my life that it is destined to be so forever, but somewhere along the way I experienced an enlightenment.

I realized I must take control of my life, and re-seize my mental freedom and independence, which were robbed from me by this disastrous habit. slowly I started distancing myself from all of my buddies ( all of them were users obviously) and embarked on a journey of self revelation and re-inventing.

I read every piece of information available on weed withdrawal, and tried many various methods to help me quit. I was so set on my goal that I finally found a program that worked for me, and helped me achieve my desire to have a normal life once again.

I strongly urge you to do the same, You might not realize it but this habit is slowly destroying your life. Smoking weed holds an extremely destructive effect both over your own health and the well being of your close environment. Basically its your own decision and I can just hope I helped nudge you in the right direction.

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By Debra Proctor

You want to quit smoking. You've checked out all the options and you really don't like any of them. Using patches and gum that contain nicotine when you are trying to break a nicotine addiction doesn't seem to make sense to you. You don't want side effects from nicotine-free aids and hypnosis and acupuncture are just too off center for you. So what do you do? You're and all-or-nothing kind of person so you want to quit smoking cold turkey. Is it possible? Is it very smart?

Research has found that 80-90% of people who quit cold turkey were successful. Here are step-by-step tips to help you.

Plan ahead

* Learn relaxation techniques
* Start exercising before you quit
* Think about the reasons you smoke and plan for strategies to cope when you have the urge
* Write out the reason you want to quit smoking - keep these handy and read them several times throughout

Tell family, friends, and co-workers

* It is important to have a support group to help you through the tough times
* It is also important to "warn" those who are around you so they will realize what is happening if you are especially irritable

Throw away all cigarettes, ashtrays, and lighters

* Do not just put these items up - throw them away!
* Don't forget to get these items out of your house, car, office, workshop, etc.

Pick an exact day you are going to stop

* Plan a lot of activity that day
* Take a few days off from work to eliminate stress
* Plan something fun that will keep your mind off smoking
* Change your routine - many people are triggered to smoke at certain times, places, and with certain people. If you smoke in the morning with a cup of coffee, have your coffee in a different room. Avoid the people that you usually smoke with or ask them not to smoke in front of you.
* Have items on hand to relieve your urge to put something in your mouth - gum, hard candy, carrot sticks, celery, toothpicks, straws
* Spend time in places where smoking isn't allowed

Eat regular meals - but don't substitute the smoking with eating excessively

Start a money jar - Having a jar to put the money in that you save by not smoking serves as reinforcement that you are doing a good thing by saving money.

Reward - At the end of the day, reward yourself in a way that does not involve food.

Record your success
- Mark your success on the calendar every day. This is great visual reinforcement to remind yourself how well you are doing.

You can see that it is possible to quit smoking cold turkey if you take the proper steps. While it may be a little more difficult than using aids, your chances of becoming and staying a non-smoker are much greater. By planning ahead and following these tips, it will help you ease into your new and healthier lifestyle.

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So, you want to quit smoking? First of all, your chances of failing are greater if you are stopping the habit for the wrong reasons. Yes, there are wrong reasons to quit. Some of these reasons are from family pressure, (your kids were scared in school from the propaganda), or your friends are stopping, (and you know it's not as fun to be around them without that common thread of nicotine), your state is going tax crazy and targeting the smoker for more income, (and you're forced to buy the extra, cheap, generic version), or any number of other reasons. The truth of the matter is this - if you want to stop smoking, it is because you have had enough of smoking and are tired of the addiction and now want to stop.

When you have come to this point in your life, I have some tips that are not your usual, conventional ways. In fact, my tips are quite the opposite of the norm. These four simple steps I took, (of course after I was burned out with smoking), provided a strong base on which I could stand while ending my addiction to nicotine.

1. Contrary to popular belief, I found the beginning of this procedure to be more effective if I didn't tell anyone I was quitting. My quitting smoking was something I was doing for myself and not anyone else, so I felt this was my business and therefore, something personal I did not wish to share. (Also, if you let others know, they will be watching your every move). I'm accountable to myself, not to anyone else.

2. Contrary to another popular belief, quitting cold turkey is not a good manner in which to kick the habit. Your body's nicotine receptors will be screaming loud and clear that they want what you have so suddenly taken away. You'll be fighting with the screaming and ranting that will be taking over your thoughts, and I guarantee, you will finally break down from the mental as well as physical pressure and start smoking again. So, don't try and act tough. Buy a box of nicotine gum, a nicotine patch, or any of the other stop smoking items on the market.

3. I'm contradicting the other popular belief about throwing your smokes away. Do you just want to set yourself up for failure? You know, as well as I, that if your body is craving a cigarette badly enough that you will either: dive into the garbage and retrieve that pack, (the ones that you didn't crumple up), or you will get into the car's ashtray, (or any ashtray for that matter), and smoke every last butt. So, do yourself a favor, and keep an unopened pack of smokes in your possession. This will not only relieve the anxiety you feel about not having your "friends" around, but will also give you the choice if you want to open that box or not.

By the way, I do agree with ridding your home, car, patio, bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen, or any other place you smoke, of ashtrays. Ashtrays, if not washed out, are just icky smelling. If they are nice, wash them out and fill the tray with potpourri, or if you are like I was, just throw the old soda cans away!

4. Lastly, replace the empty space where you used to hold the cigarette, with a bottle of water, a squeeze ball, or anything which fills that empty void.

Remember, it takes approximately three weeks to break a habit. So, keep chewing that gum, or whatever method you chose, (except cold turkey), to do something that you alone have chosen to discontinue.

Cheryl Hill began reading the tarot eighteen years ago. Now, Cheryl educates others in their life's travels by providing psychic tarot readings and teaching the tarot through a home study course.

Cheryl is an avid collector of tarot cards and antique metaphysical games and books. In addition to her enthusian for the tarot, Cheryl is also the author of two published novels, Family Tradition and Reverse Time, and just recently two ebooks for her tarot course.

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